Love’s Travel Stop



Mebane, NC


Transportation Design

Project Description

DAVENPORT was contracted to provide traffic engineering for a proposed Loves Travel Stop on Trollingwood Hawfields Road in Mebane, NC. There was a large Wal-Mart distribution center that had recently been built in the area, which was causing heavier traffic than usual. With Love’s being a sizeable development, the roadways did not have the capacity to handle the traffic. A potential solution to this issue was widening a bridge over I-85. However, the budget for that work far exceeded that of the developer’s. DAVENPORT’s innovative engineers went to work to find a solution that would benefit everyone. We found a solution that would not require the widening of the bridge, but the cost to implement this still would exceed the developer’s budget. Our staff had to think outside the box to find an answer. DAVENPORT learned of an NCDOT improvement project in the area and discovered that if NCDOT could participate in the Love’s project, the transportation improvements could benefit both projects. Along with this, NCDOT’s involvement would provide a large cost savings. DAVENPORT began coordination with the NCDOT to try and bring them on board. Eventually, they decided to participate. Then another challenge arose. DAVENPORT had to ensure the timeline of both projects were aligned, so they could both be completed on-time. In the end, both projects were completed according to their schedules and neither budget was blown. DAVENPORT’s innovative staff, established relationships, and breadth of services all assisted with this project’s success. DAVENPORT’s solution benefited all parties. We were able to show both our client and NCDOT that if they worked together, there would be a better outcome for everyone. 


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