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Making a Positive Impact

We work hard, but the quality of life for our staff is also of utmost importance. In keeping with our president John Davenport, Jr.’s vision, DAVENPORT strives to reflect the spirit of Christ in all our interactions, whether it is with a client or in service throughout the community and the world.

Mr. Davenport views DAVENPORT not only as a business, but also as an organization dedicated to contributing to the world around us in a positive way. Ultimately, DAVENPORT’S mission is to leave the world in a better condition than we found it.

The DAVENPORT Ministry Team

In order to ensure our mission is clear and our actions are pure, we formed the DAVENPORT Ministry Team with the goal of touching the hearts of people in need within the communities in which DAVENPORT resides.  

Each month the Ministry Team identifies two or more faith-based organizations that can be blessed through donations of various kinds.  Each quarter we then focus our ministry by organizing a Mini Mission Trip in which our employees can volunteer at a local organization selected by the Ministry Team Committee.  

Since not all Ministry Team members are located in the same region, each regional office is encouraged to find suitable organizations that will benefit from our ministry and service.  Our belief is, the broader our reach, the greater our impact.  


the 2022 Hope Ride

We’re thrilled to announce that DAVENPORT will be supporting Hope Ride and our President, John Davenport, in the annual Hope Ride for the third year in a row! We’re dedicated to touching the lives of others along our journey, whether we’re building infrastructure in our local communities or biking to raise money for those in need across the world. 

While on this 600-mile, 6-day bike ride, Hope Riders will cycle through four nations – South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia, raising money in partnership with Reaching a Generation, a South African based ministry that is focused on drilling wells in areas of Zambia lacking access to clean and safe drinking water. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, our firm, DAVENPORT is setting up a matching gift of $20,000 for donations to this cause.  

To contribute or learn more, visit https://www.teamhoperide.com/donate-index-impact

Reaching a Generation

The 2021 Hope Ride is complete. Team Hope Ride was able to raise over $125,000 to help drill wells in Zambia for local villages to have access to clean drinking water. Our President, John Davenport, was able to catch up with Jacques van Bommel, the founder of Reaching a Generation, the company who drills the wells in Zambia. Thank you to all who supported this effort through donations, encouraging words, and prayers!

The 2021 Hope Ride

We are pleased to announce our President, John Davenport, will once again be participating in the HOPE Ride, an epic six day 600 mile cycling effort across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia! Team Hope Ride partners with Reaching a Generation, a South African based ministry that is focused on drilling wells in areas of Zambia lacking access to clean and safe drinking water. Watch the video below to learn more! 

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