Pinewood Terrace – Rayconda Connector


City of Fayetteville


Fayetteville, NC


Erosion Control Design, Roadway Design, Traffic Control Plans, Traffic Signal Design, Transportation Design

Project Description

DAVENPORT and the Public Works Commission worked together with the City of Fayetteville to provide designs for a new roadway known as the Rayconda Connector, extending from US 401 (Raeford Road) to the intersection of Pinewood Terrace and Culpepper Lane. The scope of services provided on this project included water distribution system design, stormwater and drainage designs, roadway design, permitting, and sediment and erosion control design. The road consists of a two-lane curb and gutter section with sidewalks on both sides, stormwater pond, a right turn deceleration lane on US 401 and the necessary traffic signal modification at that intersection. As a result of the firm’s familiarity with coordinating utilities throughout the design process and having extensive utility design capabilities, DAVENPORT was also asked to provide design services for the new 12-inch, 4,000 linear foot water main extension into the site. During the design of the project, Hurricane Matthew struck the area, causing a culvert to wash away, resulting in a division of the community and limited access to some residents. The design was then “fast-tracked” by the City and DAVENPORT as able to accelerate the designs. DAVENPORT worked closely with the City and NCDOT to obtain approvals and permits in a very short timeframe. 


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