Levcor Retail-Burke Mill Village



Winston-Salem, NC


Public Involvement, Traffic Data Collection, Transportation Design, Transportation Impact Analysis

Project Description

DAVENPORT worked toward a win-win solution for both the city and the developer on this highly controversial project. Traffic was the single most issue in the out-of-town developer’s request when trying to introduce retail to an already congested part of the city. With the existing background traffic and the apprehension of the various residents and stake holders, DAVENPORT was brought on board to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved. With the firm’s relationship with the community and knowing what the community wanted, DAVENPORT made recommendations for improvements that were satisfactory to the community, the city, and willingly supplied by the developer. DAVENPORT knew that these recommendations would ultimately be part of its legacy and wanted to do everything it could to ensure that approval was eminent. The firm developed a fly-through animation to help all stakeholders to envision the improvements being proposed and its effect on the existing network. The development was approved unanimously to the benefit of the community and the developer. 


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