Brawley Crossing



Mooresville, NC


Transportation Design

Project Description

DAVENPORT provided traffic engineering and transportation design services on this project located in the northeast quadrant of the I-77 and Brawley School Road interchange in Mooresville, NC. The development included two large commercial stores as well as restaurants, both sit-down and fast-food, and a gas station. First, DAVENPORT completed an updated Traffic Impact Analysis for this development as a study was previously completed that included land uses that were no longer planned. DAVENPORT also provided traffic signal design services. One challenge that arose with this project was the proposed metal poles for the signals would not be completed by the deadline set. This was a huge is-sue because the client needed the shopping center open before the holiday season. So, DAVENPORT had to come up with a solution that would meet the schedule and stay within budget. DAVENPORT proposed a temporary wooden pole for the signal, which would be cost-effective and allow the shop-ping center to be up and running in time for the holidays. Our staff had to coordinate extensively with the Town and NCDOT to approve this solution. Once approved, DAVENPORT completed a redesign of the temporary signal. This approach also allowed for a shortened review time which helped the team remain on schedule. Another issue that came up was that Right-of-Way needed to be purchased. The team knew the coordination in this purchase would not meet the client’s deadline.  


DAVENPORT began coordinating with NCDOT and the Town once again to see if an exception could be made. In the end, we were able to design the signal for the intersection in a way where ROW was not needed. Working closely with the Town of Mooresville and NCDOT, as well as the developer, DAVENPORT achieved buy-in from the community that the updated improvements would lessen traffic impacts from the development and improve the roadway network for existing commuters. Close coordination was required with NCDOT for this piece as well as the widening of Brawley School Road (STIP No. R-3833C) design work that was underway, which presented an additional challenge. It was critical that the infrastructure improvements built for this project be designed so that the widening project could build upon them rather than require removal when construction begins on R-3833C. DAVENPORT’s relationships and ability to coordinate with the NCDOT proved crucial to having this project completed on time. Along with the traffic analyses and signal designs, DAVENPORT also completed the roadway and drainage for the required off-site improvements which included widening, additional turn lanes. 


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