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Acme Hobbs Inland Distribution Facility - Brunswick and Columbus County, NC

Deere - Hitachi Plant Expansion - Kernersville, NC

FedEx Ground Transportation Hub - Kernersville, NC

King William Sand and Gravel Co., Inc. - King William County, VA

Uwharrie Environmental Landfill Expansion Project - Mount Gilead, NC

Evonik Stockhausen, LLC -Greensboro, NC

Mega Site Industrial Park Development - Biscoe, NC

International Business Park - Concord, NC


Located along US 74/76, the proposed Acme-Hobbs Inland Distribution Facility property boasts nearly 1,100 acres spanning both Brunswick and Columbus Counties. Upon completion, this 8,050,000 gross square feet inland distribution facility will serve as a global logistics park for import, export, manufacturing and assembly operations with port and distribution requirements.

DAVENPORT’s scope of services included Master Plan Public Improvements, Standard and Reverse Super Street Design, Custom Trip Generation Study and for Distribution Facility, Public Informational Meetings, Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA), Phased Engineering Design and Driveway Permitting, Interchange Planning and Design, Signal Design and Signal System Timing Plans.

The Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) included phasing analyses in order to determine necessary roadway improvements during various stages of the development starting with a standard signalized superstreet providing access to the highway. As the development proceeds, a second phase will include the construction of a reverse superstreet at the off-site intersection of US 74/76 and NC 87 in Columbus County to accommodate future traffic volumes. Ultimately, a second superstreet access will be constructed to serve entering and exiting site traffic for the Acme-Hobbs Inland Distribution Facility. The ultimate build out also included modification for a proposed interchange at the intersection of US 74/76 and NC 87 to allow for additional development of the adjacent properties. Above is the plan sheet of the proposed interchange showing modifications to allow for the extension of a second superstreet.



Deere-Hitachi currently operates a large state of the art construction equipment plant off West Mountain Street in Kernersville, NC. However, a very active railroad line separates the site from West Mountain Street. For years, plant officials had concerns with the access point, which crossed the railroad line at-grade. However, when they planned to expand the plant, they knew that the first thing that needed to be considered was improved access.

DAVENPORT was selected to assist in this process. Like most other major industrial expansions, the team was sworn to secrecy while they worked. The first step in the process was to perform a transportation impact analysis to determine what improvements would be necessary to accommodate the additional 400 workers and associated truck trips this proposed expansion would generate.

DAVENPORT considered several access scenarios in this process. In addition to the analysis, the team also developed conceptual designs of the various access alternatives with cost estimates. DAVENPORT presented its work to the client, and ultimately to the NCDOT. NCDOT approved the preferred scenario, thus opening the door for this expansion to go forward. The scenario not only addressed the future access needs, it rectified pas grade crossing issues.



From the start, this project was exciting. When the DAVENPORT team was chosen to work on this project, they were sworn to secrecy. The client did not want the general public to know about its search process until they were ready to make an announcement. This was a challenge the team was ready to take on. The client was proposing a half a million square foot ground distribution facility that would create hundreds of jobs (and new trips on the roadway). The then-proposed project was to be located in the Triad Business Park located off West Market Street and South Bunker Hill Road in Guilford County, NC.

Scope of Services

DAVENPORT first conducted a significant transportation impact analysis. This TIA covered intersections in two different counties, three municipalities, and two NCDOT highway divisions. Coordination was the key for this project. Another challenge was that there was a future interchange proposed near the western boundary of this project. The DAVENPORT team had to successfully negotiate through all of these stakeholders and issues to develop a list of recommended improvements, some of which the client was directly responsible for constructing.

Once the TIA was approved, DAVENPORT continued to work with the client to assist in the development of improvement plans. Our team became the liaison between the client and the many governmental stakeholders. We worked to ensure transportation improvements were on schedule for first the projected opening, then later the proposed phase two of the project. DAVENPORT also provided construction support services for some of the signal design work that it prepared. This involved assistance in the selection of a signal contractor and negotiations with the adjacent railroad officials.

Phase one of this project opened on time, and the hub has become a major employment center in the area.



DAVENPORT was retained to provide transportation engineering services for the King William Sand and Gravel quarry development on US Route 360 & VA 604. Services included a transportation impact analysis, which was required by VDOT and the County to determine the impacts of this project. The DAVENPORT team worked with the local officials to get approval for this TIA and its recommendations, which included intersection improvements.

Once the study was approved, DAVENPORT was charged with developing the full construction documents for the agreed upon improvements.

DAVENPORT acted as the liaison for King William County and VDOT with regard to the site entrance plan submission and review while advocating for the signal installation at RTE 360 & 604.



DAVENPORT was retained to perform a traffic assessment for the expansion of the landfill located in Mount Gilead, NC (Montgomery County). This facility is a municipal solid waste (MSW) facility and accepts waste from all over the region. The predominate delivery method for the waste is via heavy truck. The proposed expansion was projected to generate 110 more truck trips per day within five years of expansion approval.

Scope of Services

Landfill expansion approval is always a challenge in today’s environmental climate. DAVENPORT’s charge for this project was to perform an exhaustive review of the surrounding transportation facilities to ensure their adequacy for the proposed expansion. DAVENPORT’s work went far beyond intersection analysis. Roadway characteristics were also considered including pavement width and bridges. A full safety analysis of the surrounding roadways was also conducted to determine if there were any high crash locations that would be exacerbated with additional truck traffic. Finally, a review of the local school system’s operation and the location of their stops along the affected roadways was conducted to make sure student safety was considered and accounted for.

In the end, DAVENPORT’s report demonstrated that the transportation network could handle the projected expansion. The project was approved.



DAVENPORT provided 48-hour classification counts at 64 locations throughout the Hampton Roads area for VDOT. The majority of these were freeway locations. Data Collection involved volume, speed and class for various roadway facilities. All of the locations required traffic control for work zone safety. DAVENPORT completed the project on-time.



DAVENPORT prepared a transportation impact analysis for a proposed 330,000 square foot FedEx Smartpost warehouse/distribution facility within the Concord International Business Park. DAVENPORT provided analysis of the proposed warehouse facility in addition to updating the Business Park’s master plan to include future commercial and office/industrial development within the park. DAVENPORT also provided documentation confirming that the proposed development met standard guidelines and procedures set for the by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act to ensure that the anticipated truck traffic accessing the site conformed to regulations.



DAVENPORT conducted an access and operational improvements study for the Evonik Stockhausen Complex, located east of South Elm Eugene Street between Terrell Street and Patton Avenue. The site, encompassing 57 acres, includes a number manufacturing uses. Evonik was seeking to improve traffic issues related to truck traffic to and from the site, as well as internal circulation of trucks and other vehicles within the site. The site was experiencing excess queuing at the Terrel Street gated entrance and on Patton Avenue existing onto South Elm Eugene Street. DAVENPORT was tasked with reviewing the operation of the access points to the site and the internal circulation of traffic with the site. DAVENPORT’s team provided recommendations including establishing segregated truck circulation, implementing operational improvements, and exploring additional shipping alternatives. DAVENPORT also provided recommendations for future land use.



DAVENPORT conducted a Transportation Impact Analysis for the proposed Mega Site Industrial Park Development at the intersection of I-73/74 and NC 24/27 in Biscoe, North Carolina.


Charlotte location gets a new space


The Charlotte office is now at a new location!   Come and visit us at our new address: 5200 77 Center Drive, Suite 250 Charlotte, NC 28217


DAVENPORT grows its staff and opens a new office in Northern Virginia


With the increasing growth and demand of our firm within the commonwealth of Virginia, DAVENPORT commits to opening a new office in Sterling, VA. This new location will now serve a whole new set of clients within the rapidly growing Northern region and even open up the firm’s potential for work within the District. DAVENPORT’s presence will now be more evenly distributed throughout Virginia and will further uphold our commitment to provide local professional expertise on local projects.


The new office will be directed and managed by David Newberger, PE, PTOE. Mr. Newberger brings extensive transportation engineering experience throughout Virginia including traffic signal design, signing and pavement marking, maintenance of traffic, lighting design and ITS. Mr. Newberger’s past experience includes serving as traffic engineering design lead for the Virginia MegaProjects I-495 and I-95 Express Lanes, and Project/Task Manager for on-call contracts with Arlington and Fairfax Counties.


We are excited to welcome David to the DAVENPORT team and look forward to the many opportunities that this partnership and our expanded footprint will render.